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macOS - CLI SSH key management

May 29, 2017 — Martín Cigorraga

Permanently add a key to the Keyring: $ ssh-add -K _key_

Save passwords into the Keyring (so the ssh client stops asking for them every time some key is used):

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Information Security Resources Directory

May 02, 2017 — Martín Cigorraga

At the time of writing this entry I'm still unable to find a bookmark system for web resources that doesn't suck. Because inter-browser bookmark sharing is cumbersome (at best) I will keep this post updated with the neat stuff I cross paths in my search of information on the topic.

My goal for this post is that it can serve as a memory helper for myself as well a curated directory for anybody else looking for the same information.
Since I already spent time looking for the information provided here I hope you won't have to :)

As with any other directory, list or group of lists of any kind, wording and presentation of the data is hightly subjective and will vary from person to person -- let alone sorting criteria.
Feel free to use the Find... function of your browser to quickly find want you're looking for.

A quick note on how information is presented:

  1. I will try to add just the original URL/URI whenever it's possible simply because some resources are self-explanatory, like the ones from GitHub;
  2. With rather obscure endpoints I might present the linked information in an embellished form for the sake of readability.

GNU+Linux Operating Systems

macOS & Darwin (PureDarwin? GNU+Darwin?)


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Papertrail: log management right from your browser

April 30, 2017 — Martín Cigorraga

Papertrail is a neat tool that let you access and handle your system logs right from the browser (provided you don't mind sending your logs to a third-party operator).

Aside from the many features provided by the application for this task (via rsyslog/syslog-ng facilities), it also let you add logs from other applications or tools as well.

Let's say I want to reach my fail2ban log too, I can easily send it over a secure TLS connection using the provided remote_syslog2 script like this:

Click to enlarge

Note: I forgot to edit the default configuration file to comment out or remove the nonexistent example file locallog.txt

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